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Innovative Thinking Ahead

We think that innovation is important for IT products, but IT products also should impress consumers.


WITHCNS strives to supply consumer-oriented products, based on our years of experience and know-how built up thus far in the distribution industry.

We will focus on R&D to come up with unique ideas required in our daily lives and to develop eco-products and make our greatest efforts to be a firm growing and developing with a long-term perspective.

We will strive to be a company concentrating on quality improvement of products, listening to customer’s voices, while not just pursuing profits with defected products.

WITHCNS always thinks companies exist, because there are customers and is committed to doing our very best to return your support and encouragement for us.

Lee Min-u


“Values and missions make profits. When you make shoes
with a greed to make money,
you may fail. You need to make good shoes,
based on compassion and affection for people.”

  Words of Salvatore Ferragamo, the CEO of

prestigious shoes’ synonym, Ferragamo, to his son.

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