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2010. 08 Manufactured and sold multipurpose storage board, DB-3000.
2010. 07 Manufactured and sold notebook stand, NB-2000.
2010. 04 Venture business registered.
2009. 09 Signed an agreement for the KOREANn distributor of Merkury innovations (earphones,
    headphones, cases, TARGUS/cables, etc.)
2009. 07 BONG sold in Japan
Signed an agreement to supply Imation with presenters in OEM mode (All PT   series)
2009. 05 Launched partition tray.
2009. 03 BONG sold in France.
Launched EarCrub.
2009. 01 Launched I-Pointer IP-200BL.
Released Sound-fly pro limit  
2008. 11 BONG sold in Sweden
2008. 06 Manufactured and sold I-Pinter 2.
2008. 05 Six types of BONG manufactured and sold.
2007. 09 Sole distributor of Jeil C&D Doom Multiset.
2007. 07 Manufactured and sold wireless presenter, I-Pointer.
2006. 10 Established
Sole distributor of Gaon INT Sound-Fly.
2006. 09 Sole distributor of ACROEM COMO.
2005 Sole distributor of Gaon INT sound-on wireless car pack.
2004 Sole distributor of Samsung Electro Mechanics Power Zenter.
2003.04 Sole distributor of Choice Technology X-Pointer series.
2003.03 2003. 3: Established WITH Company.
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